Causes and Treatment Methods of Glossy Surface of Printed Color Steel Plate

The surface of the printed color steel plate is relatively glossy, and there are various reasons for dullness. If the reason for dullness cannot be found during production and processing, the use effect of the product will be affected to a certain extent. Therefore, the reasons and treatment methods for the dullness of the surface of the plate are introduced..

Cause of occurrence:

1. The reason for the formula of printing color steel plate paint. There are too many fillers, pigments and solvents in the paint, insufficient fineness or a lot of dust.

2. The surface of the substrate is too rough, with oil, wax, moisture, etc., and the coating is not completely cured.

3. The solid components of the paint sink into the bottom of the barrel, the mixing of the paint before painting is insufficient, and the paint in the work barrel is less during construction.

4. Too much diluent is added to the paint, which dilutes the effect of the light paint.

5. During construction, the temperature of the roller coating room is too high or too low, and the coating is too thin.

6. The temperature of the curing furnace is too high, the hot air circulation in the furnace is insufficient, the coating is excessively cauterized, the eyes are aging, and the gloss is reduced.

Processing method:

1. Check whether the fineness of the paint on the machine meets the process requirements.

2. The printed color steel plate paint should be fully mixed and evenly filtered before boarding. Hina can't participate too much.

3. To prevent the coating from mixing moisture, it is necessary to control the humidity of the roller coating room.

4. Ensure that the wet film thickness of the topcoat is not too thin, and check whether the thinner and the paint match.

5. Avoid too high or too low, and the temperature settings of all levels of the curing furnace should be reasonable.

The above are the main reasons and solutions for the glossy surface of the printed color steel plate. In order not to affect the gloss, it is necessary to master the correct operation method. In the process of blending the paint, attention should be paid to the correct grasp of the coating method to ensure the thickness of the coating film.