Cleaning steps of nano anti-corrosion and heat insulation color aluminum plate

Regularly cleaning the nano-anti-corrosion and heat-insulating color aluminum plate can maintain its clean appearance for a long time and effectively reduce the possibility of corrosion. And in order to really achieve the cleaning effect, it is necessary to do the preparations before cleaning, so that the cleaning effect can really play out. So what preparations do you need to do?

  1. The cleaning workers in the cleaning workshop receive the raw materials according to the raw material list in the auxiliary material warehouse, and then need to distribute the cleaning liquid in each cleaning tank.

  2. It is required that the surfaces of the nano-anti-corrosion and heat-insulating color aluminum plates cannot overlap each other. In popular terms, they cannot be close to each other, and remember to leave gaps so that they can ensure that their surface is in full contact with the cleaning liquid, and that their surface is not scratched.



3. Before cleaning, the dirt attached to the surface of the nano anti-corrosion and heat-insulating color aluminum plate must be removed to pave the way for subsequent cleaning work.

4. After wiping and cleaning, you can choose a lot of water to help the circuit board flush the circuit board, which can help the circuit board wash away the dirt.

5. After completing the above steps, the operator can start scrutinizing the surface of the board to see if there are any uncleaned areas. For areas that have not been cleaned, centralized treatment can be combined with diluted detergent.

6. After focusing on cleaning special parts, the circuit board can be rinsed with a lot of water. Basic cleaning and maintenance procedures for nano-anti-corrosion and heat-insulating color aluminum sheets can be completed before all the cleaning agents on the board are rinsed off.

These are the basic cleaning steps. So if you want to get the cleaning effect, you must not only make preparations before cleaning, but also clean according to the correct cleaning method, so that the board can be completely cleaned.