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magnesium manganese board manufacturer

Address: Dianzi Industrial Park, Boxing County, Shandong Province     Shandong Xirui Metal Materials Co., Ltd   鲁ICP备19005231号-2

Company Culture

Company Culture

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Entrepreneurial integrity: value win-win innovation

Corporate ethics: don’t be good or small, don’t be evil

Corporate philosophy: no business, only talk about entrepreneurship, no excuses, just find a way

Corporate style: unity, passion forever, everyone is responsible, strive for excellence

Corporate slogan: high-mindedness, joint strength and win-win development, Xinhe, self-achievement

Talent concept: Yangyou avoids short-term talents and horses

Enterprise tenet: People-oriented, results-oriented, like-minded, dedicated, dedicated

Corporate mission: to promote customer growth, achieve employee value, establish industry model, take social responsibility

Corporate Vision: To become the invisible champion of China's color-coated aluminum industry in scale, specialization, speed and stability

 Shandong Xirui Metal Materials Co., Ltd.