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Company Profile

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      Shandong Xirui Metal Materials Co., Ltd. is a research, production and sales of color coated aluminum coil, pre-roll coated aluminum strip, aluminum magnesium manganese board, aluminum magnesium manganese roofing panel, fluorocarbon aluminum magnesium manganese board, printing color aluminum board, embossing Color aluminum plate as one of the enterprises. The coating paints are selected from international and domestic famous brands such as PPG, Aksu and Nippon. As a characteristic high-quality environmental protection and energy-saving industry, aluminum is an important basic material for the national economy. It is responsible for the upgrading of the national “new and old kinetic energy conversion” project, and meets the national requirements for “green-to-steel and aluminum-based wood” environmental protection and energy conservation policies. Based on the concept of mutual benefit and win-win, the company provides customers with high quality products and high standards of service. 

      Products are widely used in steel structure workshops, building metal curtain walls, exterior wall decoration, corrugated board, metal roof, metal ceiling, interior decoration, engine and vessel decoration, advertising panels, furniture finishes, car partitions, gymnasiums, convention centers, Large modern public places such as high-speed rail stations and airports. It has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, heat preservation and energy saving, light weight, good weather resistance, easy processing, impact resistance, fire resistance, easy maintenance, and many colors. It is the material of modern architecture and decoration.

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